Apr. 2nd, 2011

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At about 8pm last night, Aimee started feeling some pain and cramping. Over the course of the next few hours, we started to time the contractions. We called our doula and midwives, and everyone agreed that it sounded like labor had begun.

She and I have been up fairly continuously all night. The contractions have steadily gotten longer in duration, stronger and closer together. In the last hour or so, they have become markedly stronger, to the point where Aimee can no longer speak well when in the middle of one. The plan has always been to labor at home as long as possible. Aimee feels that she is nearing the end of what she can endure here and still be able to get to the hospital easily. So we are planning to head to the hospital in the next two hours. Mich and Ian got a good night's sleep, and I sawed a few logs, so Aimee will have constant support as we see this through.

Some of you reading this have already been informed via email or phone call. If you did not get a specific notification, please don't read anything into it, no slight was meant or intended.

I plan to update the internet via Twitter and Facebook, so all y'all should know what's going on pretty much as it happens.

Phone calls, FB comments, Tweets and any and all forms of well-wishes, congratulations and/or encouragement will be appreciated. I've been waiting all night to tell you guys this:

It's Baby Time!


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