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Yesterday morning (dear Gods, was it only yesterday!?), as we were packing up, getting ready to head to the hospital, I took care of a final little detail that I'd like to share with you guys in it's entirety.

Earlier this week, our family decided to attend this year's Relaxacon. It's a weekend getaway on Cape Cod for the staff, volunteers, friends and family of Arisia. We got a room, and I pre-registered the four of us. Shortly before we left the house, I got confirmation of our registrations.

Last night, once things had calmed down a bit, I started wading through happy emails and Facebook messages of congratulations. One email was different. It was a request from the con for the names of the other three people I'd pre-registered. I sent the following reply, at about 9:30pm:


The other three names are:

Aimee Bouchard
Michelle Driscoll
Ian Rose

Also, we'll need a badge for Connor Bouchard, who will be attending
his first con. He was born about four hours ago. :-)



Why yes, I was tearing up writing it. And no, this poor child NEVER had a chance to avoid his fate. :-)
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So I'm having a great time in Boston at the AHA Conference, and I promise, for reals, that I will post about it when I get home. I will also post my New Year's Wrap Up and 2011 Resolutions soon, too. But I'm going to take a moment to pimp something for the con, because it is both super cool and brand new this year.

Everyone's got to eat, right? On Sunday, you can eat brunch with some of the guests of honor at Arisia 2011. The GoH Breakfast Buffet will be Sunday morning (January 16, 2011) at 11AM. Tickets for the are $35, which is a small markup over the regular buffet, but with a way better menu. They've got little quiches! And bagels! And smoked salmon! And many other yummy things that require exclamation points!!

The deadline for purchasing tickets is January 10th, which is coming up soon, so if you are interested, best make up your mind quickly. While you do get to choose who you want to sit with, three tables are sold out, so again, best do it quickly.

Here's a list of the GoHs at the brunch, including the three that are sold out:

Michael Anderson – Art/Entertainment
Kelley Armstrong - Writer GOH, Literature SOLD OUT
Bob Eggleton – Art, Media
Eric in the Elevator – Fan, Art/Entertainment, Gaming SOLD OUT
Shaenon K. Garrity - Webcomics GOH, Art
Seanan McGuire – Music/Filk, Literature
Hildy Silverman – Literature, Fandom
Josh Simpson - Artist GOH SOLD OUT
Cecilia Tan - Literature
Catherynne M. Valente - Literature
Rene Walling - Fan GOH
Frank Wu - Art


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