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I must be an Arisia veteran now. Exactly how many of these things I've gone to is starting to get fuzzy. For the record, this was my sixth Arisia, but I had to count to figure it out. I first attended the last Park Plaza con, started doing panels the first year in the Ziggurat, and joined staff the following year. For those unaware, this year Arisia moved to the palatial Westin Waterfront. We had more space than any con I've attended, which was good and bad. But before I go any further, let me remind everyone that I do my reviews in a bullet-thought kinda format, and hide them behind the cut, should you not care to read it.

Let's get this wrap-up started! )

This was our last Arisia as not-parents. I think we did it justice. I believe Ian will upload his 759774502108 pictures on Facebook later this week, when he gets time to do it.

Already counting the days to 2012! And it had better be a good con, since next year is the last one before the Mayan calendar runs out and the world ends...
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Arisia '11 is over. I've been home for several hours, still experiencing that odd sensation of expecting fabulous con friends dressed in their best outfits or costumes to wander randomly through the living room and being disappointed when it keeps not happening.

This year will get a nice long post of it's own, but first I want to share something I wrote this weekend. Josh Simpson was the Artist Guest of Honor this year. He is a glassblowing artists, and makes some of the most amazing glass Planets you'll ever see. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, go google him and come back. This year, Arisia did a writing contest based on one of his Planets. Top three entries won a Planet. I knew the contest was going to happen, but I didn't expect to enter it until I got to the Art Show and saw the inspirational planet. An idea immediately leapt to mind, so I went up to Green Room and spent the next hour or so writing it down. I submitted it online as instructed (which was an adventure in an of itself), but sadly did not win a prize.

But a good thing came out of it. I wrote a nice little piece of fanfic, around 1000 words, in about an hour. With the hope of using this brief outburst as a springboard to more, I'm going to post it here to remind myself to do this much more often than I do. Writing for school is important, but so is the creative stuff (nonfiction and fiction alike) that I also enjoy.

So, my friends, until I can write a true wrap-up post in the morning, please enjoy my very first ever piece of fan fiction: An Expert Hand )


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