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A few weeks ago, something took place that has forever altered my life. It wasn't a surprise or anything. I'd known it was coming for quite a while, and had prepared for it.

My Livejournal account ran out.

I've been squatting my LJ name at Dreamwidth for a few years now. Last year I had planned to make the jump when my account ran out, but I forgot I had it set to auto-renew. So I turned that off and waited out another year.

It was only a coincidence that the DOS attacks on LJ took place at approximately the same time. I've read about the reasons why they happened, and I do hope that LJ continues to whether the storm. They are providing an important service in Russia, and I fully support that.

But I haven't forgotten Strikethrough, and I should have moved to DW a long time ago because of it. So even though LJ's parent company is doing the right thing for Russia, I'm going to make the switch. I do not intend to abandon LJ completely. I will cross-post from DW to LJ, which should (hopefully) go right to FB as per usual. If it doesn't, I'l figure out something. I'm going to continue reading my LJ F-list, and commenting and all that. The only thing changing is who gets my monetary support for my blog.

If you are an LJ friend that is posting only to DW these days (and you somehow see this), please let me know. If you are doing the dual-posting thing, also let me know. I'm going to rebuild as much of my F-list as I can on DW, and don't want to miss anyone.


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